Sunday, August 22, 2010

Begining a Return to AD&D 2nd Ed

A couple of weeks ago a group I game with began wrapping up our Traveller campaign. That DM will be having a baby soon. Meaning we needed a new game and a new DM. One man stepped forward and said. "I'd like to run a game in a campaign I created years ago. I've been working on it ever since."

We agreed and we were introduced to Varo. A gritty city state I can only describe as an amalgamation of Lankhmar and Venice. A world fleshed out the way only a librarian can. And a game that requires something with fragile heroes.

He wanted to run this game in AD&D 2nd Ed.

After a little cajoling and dealing we agreed. We are starting at 1st level (my requirement) with max hit points.

Now I need to make a character in a game system I haven't played in a while.

This will be fun.