Sunday, September 12, 2010

Contacts in the City of Varo

Oodja the DM pulled a card from Shadow run and has decided to use something similar to their contacts mechanic. A PC can have between 2 and 12 contact points. A contact has a level and a loyalty. The higher the level the more access they have to resources and knowledge. The higher the loyalty the more often the contact can be used and the more of their resources they are willing to devote to you. A contact maximum level and loyalty can be 4 each rank required one point. A PC can choose to accept a flat 7 or roll 2d6. 

Embracing the randomness and rolls found in AD&D I decided to roll I got a 10. Thinking about Tillam, I considered generating 5 1/1 contacts. But I like to think that Tillam is the kind of person everyone likes so I decided to generate a 3/3 contact somebody that Tillam trusts and trusts Tillam and is well connected. I then decide to generate 2 other 1/1 contacts. I now present my contacts and their details some things are intentionally left open and available for the Oodja to fill in and use.

1) Fenzani Orentes 3/3
Fenznai is the owner and occasional chef of Oentes'. For the most part he will only cook for his friends. And Fenzani is a great chef. He's the creator of Kobold Slathered in Nutella. Orentes' is a pub with rooms to rent. It sits just outside of Stabentia, but the area's kept clean and safe by Fenzani. He wants clientèle to feel safe. While he may want people to feel safe if anyone was thinking of being a deadbeat he's got a great payment plan. If you don't pay then you go fishing. Depending on his mood and how many fishermen he's got you either end up working the hauling, from his boat "Legitimate Girl" or you get put inside the lobster pots.

Fenzani didn't always have this life of legitimacy. For years Orentes' was the public facing side of his business and the "Working Girl", as she used to be called, was used to smuggle cargo in from larger vessels. They would drop the contraband off into his lobster pots or connected to his buoys and he'd pick up. But he's been out of the game for years. He left when he got fed up after finding his wife, and I forget if it was his 2nd or 4th or 6th wife, having her locks picked by his former security man. He had them both put out then he got out. 

Fenzani for all his mischievous activities has done very well for himself in many aspects but his greatest failure has been with wives. He hasn't tad one in some time. But, when he did; the odd numbered ones weren't that interesting the even numbered wives all have stories that drive him to drink. Each has a tale and a nickname "Picked Locks" has already been described, there was also "Angel" face like one but a tendency to drink and to knife anyone dumb enough to think of "taking advantage" which made her a great girl until she shivved a rivals conciliator after peace talks turned to festivities, and there was also "Harpy" depending on how much Fenzani's been drinking "Harpy" either screeched enough to crack glass or was actually a harpy either way "she fell off a boat onto her own private island". The odd numbers just died unceremoniously, the first in childbirth, the 3rd on a ferry in winter while visiting her sister & newborn, and the 5th to plague.

As is clear he's been around. Still has some muscle to do work for him and he keeps things secure around his place. He's doing his best to go legit, well as legit as any crime boss will go.

2) Skjelmund 1/1
Skjelmund once was a viking. A great raider, was he. He had a tendency to put anything flammable to the torch, but he also had an eye for valuables. This served him well until one day a Skald told a tale that showed he made out better viking than the chieftain running it. He lost his right eye and most of his left hand. Now he resides in Varo fat and wealthy of the sales of his viking antiquities. He's a fence but nobody's ever hauled him up on charges, and those who know he's a fence wouldn't admit proven it and some claim for the right cut he'll provide his associates with weapons and munitions not normally available inside the walls of Varo.

3) Fullmen Sattelles 1/1
Fullmen Sattelles an adopted member of One of the Great Merchant Houses. He's an educated and swift individual he keeps the books and always tries to get ahead. However, since he's really only good at keeping the books it has limited his upwards mobility. He's an awkward man always looking at you like he's tallying your current value against the time he's spent on you. If the tally gets imbalanced to his; determinant he'll cut you off. But since he keeps the books, he could be useful and I suspect more people owe him favors for burying an expenditure here and there than he admits. But he also knows and catalogs each time it happens and has a price associated with each.