Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year; Same Blog

This is hopefully going to be a quick little post because I have a long one brewing. But I wanted to record my hobby goals for the year of our lord two thousand eleven.

1) Blog more. Last year I started strong and promptly fizzled. I do now want to let this happen this year. So I've worked a deal with Oodja the DM of the Varo campaign that should encourage me to blog more. On a side note here is his Varo story blog and here his gaming blog.

2) Paint more miniatures at a quality level. I would like one day to be a crazy old man that paints well enough to fund his lead addiction and wins prizes for it as well.

3) Provide value. I tweet a lot as @mmaranda mostly for D&D and a lot with the 4E community this year I want to turn that into something that more than just my immediate friends find useful or entertaining because it shows the oddities that arise in their play style.

It doesn't seem like much but hopefully it will make this place on the web a little more interesting.